In 2018 miff fit members lost a total of 13st 4lbs and 170cm...

They gained self confidence, strength, fitness and wellbeing.


...are you ready to be part of the 2019 story?

Miff, Miff Fit Founder

Kylie, Member Since June 2018

I started doing Miff Fit classes about 4 months ago following the birth of my second child and have had fantastic results. Miff Fit classes are very welcoming and the way they are run, with different levels for each exercise, also means you don’t have the ‘intimidation’ factor of some other classes and you are able to push yourself when you feel you are able. The extras that you get with your membership are also fantastic and Miff is always available to offer her advice and experience and her approach means that you begin to view your health and fitness as a way of life, which makes things much more realistic and sustainable. I’m looking forward to seeing what results we get over the next 4 months!

Chris, Client Since Jan 2018

I have been working with Miff since January last year after trying and failing at dieting and various other methods of getting in shape. Initially we worked on a one on one basis looking at my nutritional lifestyle and had what I can only describe as a weekly food therapy session with Miff helping me understand what I need to do day to day and that it is not all about saying no to the bad foods and dieting to the point of failure but taking back control, understanding what my body needs versus what I want and it helped kick start a journey into (literally) reshaping myself both physically and more importantly mentally.

Fast forward to now and I train with Miff both one on one and with a friend in the gym and taking part in circuits, Miff always makes sure she's either showing me something new in the gym or finding a new way to push me to my limit. Miff has helped kick start a journey that’s already seeing fantastic results and also helped facilitate a more positive mental state. I cant recommend Miff enough, fantastic trainer, nutritionist and person!

Sarah, Member Since Jan 2018

Miff's approach to fitness and nutrition is very refreshing. Most importantly, Miff Fit sessions are always fun, and push me beyond what I think I can achieve. We've done a mixture of high intensity circuits, boxing, running and Pilates/stretching over the last year. Prior to this I'd had a long break from exercise and two pregnancies, but Miff Fit has given me the confidence to get back into exercise and shown me how enjoyable it can be. The approach to nutrition is simple and fits well into family life without having to do excessive prepping and follow strict rules. I'm delighted with my progress so far. I've worked with several PTs in the past and Miff is definitely the best!


Fab fitness sessions. Already feeling fitter and only taken a few weeks. Friendly and fun


Great to work with, encouraging and supportive. Working together I have lost a dress size and changed my body shape and also my attitude to food and exercise. I love our sessions! I feel strong and healthy and would recommend Miff to everyone of all abilities!


Thank you so much for a great workout... after having back surgery I never thought I could do this again ...looking forward to my new fitness journey with you!


Thank you for a great class yesterday! I have sore abs, arms and glutes, really missed that feeling!


I might have said this million times already but absolutely loved today's session...even though i was huffing and puffing throughout it all...right up my alley...thank you!!


No matter how stressed I am with work or small people or life or feeling under the weather, I always want to come to Miff Fit. It’s my escape and my bit of me time. It’s fitness, fun and friends!
It always feels welcoming and supportive and I love that we can exercise and have fun.
It’s helped me get stronger and fitter and become more confident in myself. I’ve totally changed shape physically, for the better, and had to buy lots of new clothes! I sometimes eat a bit more healthily but I’ve managed to maintain a balance I’m happy with.
So thank you and Charlotte. You guys are fab!


I had to share my good news with you, my blood count (for diabetes) is down from 61 to 51 - the lowest it's been for 9 months! I can't stop smiling. Thank you both for all you do for me.

Rob (who's wife is a member)

My wife is walking around the house asking people to watch her do head stands and asking people to climb on her back so she can squat them. What have you done to her?! She is doing amazingly and you have really made her feel so much happier. 

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