Start Your Day Great

Every morning I get up early to give myself time to start my day right. For me, that means a cup of tea with one of my dogs snoozing on my lap. He knows it's coming, I get downstairs in the morning and as soon as he hears the kettle start to boil he spins in circles, overwhelmed with anticipation for the TLC coming his way. Seeing his excitement and knowing I'm getting 10 minutes that I adore never fails to make me smile.

It doesn’t matter if I’m leaving the house at 7am or midday, this right here, is how it’s going to start.

Why do I bother?

💕 Because it makes me feel loved and reminds me how much I love others 🙌🏻 Because it gives me a feeling of gratefulness for some of the best things (furry things) in my life 🕔 Because it gives me time. Time to relax, think and plan to have a great day

The benefit of that last point cannot be underestimated. How many of us start our days by hitting the snooze button a few times, racing to get showered and leaving the house having gulped down some breakfast? It is amazing how much that morning race sets the tone for the rest of the day. Before you know it, your morning has passed in a whirlwind and you have reached the school pick up without completing half of the things on your to do list or taking a moment to do something you'd really enjoy.

Now let me be clear, do I always have a great day, calm and stress free? Of course I don’t, it's not uncommon for me to reach the end of the day and realise I've added more to my list than I've ticked off! But by starting my day with some calm and positivity it is much more likely that I will have prioritised the things that really mattered that day.

For some reading this, it will sound like an indulgent luxury that most people don't have time for - but the reality is, by taking the time to be quiet, calm and planning at the start of my day I remove a whole heap of time spent flapping and procrastinating when I get to work.

So for those of you who want to give me that ‘oh but I don’t have time...’ nonsense, don't! 😉 It’s not easy to, but I promise, if you can create time in your day to scroll through social media and obsess about your thighs for 20 minutes - you can create time to start your day with some positivity.

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