Get off your Butt and Stand on your Head.

Today my body felt great. After a Christmas of eating whatever the hell I fancied (read - so much cheese, mince pies and prosecco), I’ve had a full day of eating like normal (read - still ate cheese, but it was in a chicken salad and swapped my 4 daily mince pies for a Freddo).

I celebrated this good feeling by doing exactly what I fancied, lifted some weights, went for a really long walk and stood on my head.

Did I gain a few pounds over Christmas? Yes. Am I still healthy, fit and capable? Yes. Do I need to do a juice diet in a blind panic that I am no longer a good person due to new number on the scales? No.

In fact, regardless of my weight I feel the healthiest, strongest and most capable I have ever felt. I feel truly grateful to my body for putting up with my crap for the many years I hated it and am here to make amends.

The status of my fat cells does not define me, my worth or my abilities. How I treat other, myself and my body does.

If you’re in a post-Christmas slump, give yourself a moment to work out exactly what you could do to be kind to yourself. It could be a tasty, nutritious meal; a chat to your friend that always brings out the best in you; or, like me, you could try standing on your head.

Wellbeing and self-love don’t happen by accident. They happen by taking tiny actions even when you can’t be bothered.

The takeaway from this ramble? Get off your butt and stand on your head.

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