Perfecting the Plateau.

Most people who set off on a fat loss journey are given a dose of fear by those around them about the dreaded plateau.

"Oh it'll all start great Karen, but once you hit that plateau..." *insert knowing look indicating the end of the world*

The truth is, I too once feared it. After all, when you've spent your hard earned cash on a diet plan that promises you Scarlett Johansson's body in 90 days and everything stops changing after 30, you're bound to let that doubt creep in.

Here's what I think now about the plateau: It is the best signpost possible for your own, personalised fat loss plan.

Here's why:

At the point when your fat loss plateaus, you have discovered a blue print. You have discovered how you eat, drink, exercise and feel at X weight/body fat %/measurements. This has got to be the single most useful piece of information you could have in the quest to lose fat. This is also information that is entirely unique to you, there is no meal plan you can buy that will be based on more accurate details about your body, tastes or exercise regime.

So what do you do now?

Well, if you were one of my clients we'd start looking for the next plateau. We would assess exactly what an average week looks like and we'd make a few small changes.

It really is that simple. No meal plan, no cleanses, no fear, no guilt. You are no longer on plan or off it, you're living life making a few more healthy choices than you were last week and getting results without panic or weighing every gram of food to two decimal places.

Doesn't that sound great and...sensible?!

So the next time you step on the scales, get out the tape measure or look at your progress pics and don't see a difference feel PRIDE not frustration. You have discovered a blue print. You know what you're doing.

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