Miff Fit Classes aren't like all the other classes available. Alright, I bet everyone says that - but here's why joining Miff Fit will get you the results you've been hoping for:

  • You aren't attending a class, you're joining a community. One that is supportive, filled with incredible real people who sweat, groan, laugh, struggle AND achieve their fitness goals.

  • Along with classes, membership includes progress tracking, well-being deep dives, social events and fitness challenges. 

  • Classes are really varied, but none of them last longer than 35 minutes meaning you don't get bored, you just work hard.

  • Think you can't manage a class? Think again - every exercise has 3 variations to make sure that nothing stops you from smashing your classes. 

  • You can bring the kids. I get it, you're a mum and the kids come first. That's why nearly every morning class has an under 5's attendance too. Don't let the little ones be an excuse, make them a motivation.

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