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Our membership is simple. Unlimited Miff Fit Classes every week for just £8.90. 

Pause it when you need, cancel whenever you want...spoiler, we hope that's never. 

Miff Fit Classes aren't like all the other online classes available. Alright, I bet everyone says that - but here's why joining Miff Fit will get you the results you've been hoping for:

  • You aren't just attending a class, you're joining a community. One that is supportive, filled with incredible real people who sweat, groan, laugh, struggle AND achieve their fitness goals.

  • Along with classes, our members have access to a super supportive and highly knowledgeable team. From strength & conditioning to ultra marathons, we know our stuff and we share all of it with you. 

  • Classes are really varied, but none of them last longer than 40 minutes meaning you don't get bored, you just get results.

  • Think you can't manage a class? Think again - every exercise has 3 variations to make sure that nothing stops you from smashing your classes. 

  • By running classes via Zoom, we've removed the barriers of leaving the house on time, feeling like you can't be bothered and feeling embarrassed about how sweaty you get! We replace those barriers with the accountability of having a live coach ready to encourage you through every squat, plank or burpee. If you can make it to your living room with your trainers on, we'll do the rest.