For a really long time, fitness has been all about looking smaller, losing weight or fitting into a dress you wore in your early twenties (which quite frankly, isn't something you'd wear nowadays anyway). 

We get it. We get the endless cycle of guilt driven diets, punishing yourself with exercise, disappointment when the weight comes back on...and we are doing something about it. 

At Miff Fit, we don't glorify losing weight or getting smaller. We care about all the things you gain. The new found fitness, the ease of picking up your rapidly growing toddler and that new feeling of being in awe of what your body is capable of. 

We care about making you feel like part of the family because we know that the community is what makes the difference between you discovering how amazing and capable your body is, versus giving up and feeling like you have failed. 

What does that mean in practical terms? 

  • We will help you learn how to do each exercise properly or adapt exercises if needed. No more standing at the back of a sports hall, unsure what to do while the instructor ignores you!

  • You won't hear us talking about how to get a peachy bum or 6-pack abs, our focus is on making you feel strong, capable and confident in your body (the peachy bum is just a great perk!)

  • We focus on the important stuff, be it pelvic floor, back pain, high blood pressure or diabetes - we want to help you live a healthy, active, pain free life. 

  • That you can come to us with your concerns and know they will never be brushed off. You can have confidence that the advice you receive will be based on what's best for your health (that may sometimes mean a trip to a different health expert!)

  • We always want to hear from you. Sure, some health concerns might be a little embarrassing to broach, but if you're experiencing it, chances are, someone else is too. We're here to give you advice and if we don't know the answer, we'll help you find the expert that does. 

  • We're always learning. That means we keep on top of the latest research and adapt our sessions to give you the best results we can.

Meet The Team

Miff Martinek

In 2009 I had a BMI of 30 (obese, if you are wondering), I was unhealthy and miserable. The company I worked for at the time was running a charity hike and, thinking it would be a nice stroll through the Yorkshire Dales, I signed up. The day of the hike came and OH. GOOD. LORD. It was possibly one of the hardest things I have ever done. Half way round I had a realisation of just how far my fitness and health had fallen, I was acutely aware of the extra kilos of fat I was hauling up and down hills and recovering took me weeks. This was my lightbulb moment that kicked me square in the face, I could no longer ignore my health and truly enjoy my life.


I would like to pretend that I immediately lost nearly four stone and started living my 'best life' but no - the next four years would see my weight yoyo, witness me join weight loss classes, try fad diets, try starving myself, try running, try the gym and fail. Fail a lot. Every attempt saw me lose a few pounds only to regain them with a few more just to be sure.


There had to be a better way than 'dieting' my life away. The answer was remarkably simple. I had to LEARN how to be healthy.

'Knowledge is Power.' - Francis Bacon

Turns out this quote is true in health as well as ruling nations. The point being, once I started learning about the human body and how to feed it, I no longer needed a 'diet'. The fat came off, the energy increased and suddenly words like burpee and deadlift entered my vocabulary. I was back in the driving seat and I had never felt so capable, happy or confident.

Fast forward to today and I have taken my passion for health, nutrition and new found love of burpees to the next level. I qualified as Nutrition Specialist and GP Referral Personal Trainer and started Miff Fit, a fitness community committed to making the lives of our members happier and healthier than ever. 


Favourite Exercise: Anything that feels like play! At the moment I'm learning how to do a handstand which is brilliant fun. In class? It's got to be any kind of burpee or squat variation. 


Favourite Treat: Melt in the Middle Chocolate Puddings. *Drool* 


Best Piece of Advice for Fitness/Wellbeing: Fitness - find something fun or new and master it. There is nothing better than seeing a member laugh at the thought of doing a kneeling push up, only to master their first full one a month or so later. THAT is where motivation is born.

Wellbeing - SWITCH YOUR BRAIN ON! Deep down you know that the negative things you do are detrimental - be it staying up too late, spending too much time on social media or eating a fourth slice of cake. Practice thinking about those decisions instead of ignoring them and you'll be amazed how much 'will power' you actually have.


Why Miff Fit?: I believe everyone should be empowered with the mindset, nutrition knowledge and physical fitness to feel capable and in control of their health. I started Miff Fit because I was fed up with all of the fad fitness classes and diets, delivered by trainers who didn't really care about the health of their clients. Miff Fit exists to give members a community of supportive friends, honest, no nonsense advice and empower everyone to take ownership of their health. 

Charlotte Lycett Green

After nearly 20 years as a journalist I decided to retrain as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I now work freelance in both industries as well as running around after my two children, who are six and four. Juggling is a life skill, right?


I have 20 years’ experience in endurance and adventure sports, particularly mountaineering, climbing, running and cycling. I have been lucky enough to climb on expeditions in the Himalaya, on shorter trips to the Rockies and High Sierra mountains in the US, the French Alps and elsewhere in Europe and the UK. Having taken part in a few long-distance cycling events like the Tour of Flanders and the Etape du Tour, over the past few years I have found myself enjoying running more, as the training fits in better with family life. I’m a lover of long distances and am steadily racking up the ultramarathons, including Trailwalker (100km), Race to the Stones (100km) and two of the UTMB races in Chamonix over 40km and 55km — the world’s biggest trail running event.

I have a passion for running but am well aware that it’s not for everyone, so don’t let that put you off — I don’t make all my clients run!  My focus as a personal trainer is to provide my clients with the tools to make realistic and sustainable changes to the way they approach their health, nutrition and fitness so that they can achieve their goals — whatever those might be.


Favourite Exercise: It’s always going to be running, particularly ultra distances in the mountains. In classes, I love any squat variation or plank variation!


Favourite Treat: Chocolate (though mince pies are right up there around Christmas!)


Best Piece of Advice for Fitness/Wellbeing: There is no silver bullet — ignore all the fitness and nutrition fads you see on social media. It takes hard work and commitment to achieve your goals. Above all, be consistent and stick at it. Don’t lose heart if you miss a class or session, because you will get there in the end and the rewards of achieving your goals are totally worth all the hard work. Be open minded, resilient, embrace the training sessions, work hard and enjoy it!


Why Miff Fit?: I love the energy, atmosphere and sense of community at Miff Fit classes. I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but together everybody truly does achieve more. It’s great working with Miff — she’s professional, well organised and we are both on the same page when it comes to understanding and working out what clients need to achieve their health and fitness goals. Plus, it’s loads of fun! 

Anè Bedford-Smith

I grew up in South Africa and always had an interest in Sport and Fitness. At University in Pretoria I started cycling and by the time I was 20 I was cycling professionally and competing nationally. I had made contact with a pavement just before my 21st birthday. I broke my clavicle, a couple of ribs, lost my front teeth and had severe facial injuries. After recovering I did a bit more Triathlon and less Cross Country Mountain Biking. 

I trained as a Personal Trainer and Coach and worked for companies such as Virgin Active and later Carterton Leisure when we emigrated to the UK.  It was around this time that I had my first exposure to the UK Military, living close to Brize Norton and seeing soldiers coming and going to Iraq and Afghanistan. I realised I had more to give and wanted to go back to university. I attended the University of West London and Completed a BSc in Health Care. I went on to do a Post Graduate in Exercise Prescription for Neurological Conditions focussing on Stroke. I worked my way up through the ranks of the NHS delivering rehabilitation programs for stroke patients. 


I started my ‘army wife’ life in 2016 and with that came loads of change, moving and my first baby. When we moved to Warminster in 2019 I started attending Miff Fit, juggling motherhood, studying and trying to keep up a good level of fitness. It was incredible, I loved going to fitness classes without judgement, wearing no make-up and at times of the day that suited my family. All with the support of Coaches that genuinely care about me! I needed to be a part of this. 


Favourite exercise: I love feeling capable! An overhead walking lunge is my favourite at the moment. It’s a challenge to do right, but so worth it. 


Favourite Treat: Vanilla New York Cheesecake. Preferably in adult company so that I don’t need to share. 


Best Piece of Advice for Fitness/Wellbeing. Be kind to yourself, recognise the amazing job you are doing and practice giving yourself praise every day for what you are achieving. Be realistic when you set your fitness goals and surround yourself with like-minded people who will support you to achieve it. 


Why Miff Fit? I love the ethos of Miff Fit. It’s about feeling capable and being the best you. It’s not about fads and looking a particular way. It’s about feeling good and being healthy. I get to work (through play) and it accommodates my family and studies. Working with Miff and Charlotte is a coaching dream. I receive the best PT, I am supported by the best teammates and I am part of an incredible community of friends. 

We know the things that have stopped you getting fit, and we know how to get past them.

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